BUCS Duathlon 2019: A shortened race packed with drama!

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

The first external race of 2019 saw a wave of new Oxford Triathletes racing alongside the old. With 21 racing and solid collection of supporters, including a wide array of baked treats, there’s clearly a lot of enthusiasm for races this year!

Following a scary medical incident in the Chilly Duathlon (a public race on the same course) just before the start of the men’s wave, there was a lot of anxiety over whether the race would be called off. After a delay the call was made to shorten the bike leg to three laps, fortunately this allowed everyone to race before dark.

The men’s race was first off first: Ben Brown being the first back into T1, before being overtaken by Jonny Andrews on the shortened bike course. Ben retook the lead in the second run to finish in 39:12.6 with Jonny, Aiden McGuirk and Laurence Watts all coming in within about two minutes.

Next came the women’s race, with Melissa Dix and Kinga Zielinska proving inseparable over the first run. Kinga left T1 a few seconds ahead powering out onto the bike course. At the finish we waited with cameras and cheers at the ready, Kinga or Melissa or… Jess Macdonald?! After further investigation it turned out that Jess had punctured on the first lap of the bike before being marshalled straight onto the run course. Next was Kinga who’d slowly made good her advantage over the second two legs to finish in 42:50.8 with Mel coming in 40 seconds behind. After a couple of seriously impressive bike legs Cecilia Karlsson and Rachel Anderson arrived, swiftly followed by Big Prez Emma.

The mixed race followed with Sol White leading with the fastest run of the day and extending this advantage to finish in 39:19.8 as the second fastest Oxford finisher, followed by Tim Bennett, Harri Ravenscroft, Tom Lister, and Xav Peer, who all finished within 50 seconds of one another! There was also fierce competition going on between Jenny Carter and Thomas Wu - who seemed to respond better to Guy for some reason - with the lead changing several times before Jenny passed Guy, I mean Thomas, in the second run to finish 6 seconds ahead in 45:37.2. Shortly afterwards the cheerful trio of Viv, Arundhati, and Freya brought our day’s racing to a close. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the Chilly Duathlon this year including ex-president Ali, “expert” photographer Lizzie Sandham, and expert photographer Laura Clark.

Written by Matt Smith, OUTriC Secretary