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This page contains archived race results and reports from Oxford-Cambridge Varsity matches, BUCS competitions and other club races.
OUTriC, founded in 2000, had its inaugral Varsity Triathlon Match in 2003 and has grown exponentially since - we have since included an annual Varisty Duathlon Match, received Discretionary Full Blue Status and have more members than ever competing for us!
Each year, Oxford and Cambridge go head to head at Varsity Duathlon in the spring and Varsity Triathlon in the summer. The event is open to experienced triathletes and novices alike. The Blues teams are not prior-selected- they are made up from the top 3 finishers from each university on the day. The club also sends athletes to BUCS Duathlon, BUCS Sprint Triathlon, BUCS Olympic Triathlon and more races besides. Results from these can also be found here, by clicking on the links. 
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Team Results

Varsity Triathlon

Men's Blues: Cambridge 11 - 6 Oxford 

Women's Blues: Oxford 13 - 4 Cambridge

Varsity Duathlon

Men's Blues: Cambridge 6-5 Oxford

Women's Blues: Cambridge 6-5 Oxford

Individual Results

Varsity Triathlon



Varsity Duathlon



Records and Statistics

2003 Men's Varsity Triathlon - Cambridge

2006 Men's Varsity Triathlon - Cambridge

2007 Women's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2010 Women's Varsity Triathlon - Cambridge

2016 Women's Varsity Duathlon - Cambridge

2016 Men's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2017 Women's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2018 Men's Varsity Duathlon - Oxford

2018 Men's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2018 Women's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2019 Women's Varsity Triathlon - Oxford

2020 Men's Varsity Duathlon - Oxford

Men's Triathlon: Cambridge 11 - 6 Oxford

Men's Duathlon: Cambridge 6 - 5 Oxford

Women's Triathlon: Oxford 13 - 4 Cambridge

Women's Duathlon: Cambridge 6 - 5 Oxford

Overall: Oxford 29 - 27 Cambridge