If you are a member of OUTriC or would like to participate in some of the taster sessions please see the instructions below on how to sign up:

  1. Fill in our “return to play” form. This is a requirement from British Triathlon, and we will not add you until completed:

  2. Sign up to playwaze via the following link:

  3. Search for OU Triathlon, and request to join. Once your return to play form has been completed, an admin will approve your request.

  4. Once approved, you will be able to view any activities open for sign up. Simply click “I am going” on the event of interest. If there is space, you will be added to the “going” list, if not, you will be added to the reserved list. If you can no longer go, plus update this on playwaze, and those on the reserved list will automatically be moved to going. Click here to view the timetable for sessions

We will be running taster sessions up to and including second week. Non members can sign up to up to 3 taster sessions. After 2nd week only paying members will be able to attend sessions, so make sure you sign up for OUTriC if you have enjoyed the taster sessions. Click here to sign up for membership.