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Hey, I'm Jonny and I'm ths year’s president. I first started triathlon in my final year of my undergrad at the University of Sheffield after spending most of my time racing on bike. Despite being new to swimming, I loved the welcoming nature of the sport and was soon hooked. I’ve since done quite a few races and found I particularly enjoy longer distance triathlon.


I joined OUTriC when I moved to Oxford for my DPhil in 2018, and was men’s captain last year. OUTriC is definitely one of the friendlies clubs in Oxford, our members range from complete novices to seasoned athletes. No triathlon experience is needed to join and most importantly anyone can race!


If you have any questions about the club, please send me or any other committee members an email, and keep an eye on our social media to find out about what we will be up to and how you can get involved!

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Hello!! I’m Seren, a 5th year medic and your women’s captain for this year. I came to triathlon from a swimming background and quickly realised 3 sports is a million times better than one. Having joined OUTriC as a fresher and still here for a 5th year, it’s defo the friendliest/overall best sports club in Oxford (not biased obvs). I’ll be around at training as much as possible and feel free to message me any questions!

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Hi! I’m Tom, a 4th year medical student at Green Templeton College, and I will be your Men’s Captain for 2020/21. I joined OUTriC last year, coming from a background of competitive swimming and all-round sports. Immediately, I fell in love with triathlon and quickly became a bike nut - the club is so welcoming and supportive! 


I will attend as many training sessions as possible throughout the year - if you have any questions regarding joining, training and bikes please come and say hi. If you do one of the sports, or even none at all, triathlon is definitely a good shout!




Hi, I’m Emma. I am a third year law student and am this year’s treasurer. I joined the triathlon club at the start of first year hoping to try something new. Admittedly I already run, swan and had done some cycling but I hadn’t ever put them together. I’ve really enjoyed being part of the triathlon club this year and would definitely recommend giving triathlon a go!


My job is to manage the club's finances, whether it's budgeting for new equipment or working out membership fees. Feel free to email me if you have questions about anything from memberships fees to gear ratios, I'm always happy to help. If you have any concerns about payments just let me know and everything will always be confidential.



Hi, I'm Ellie, a second year DPhil student and OUTriC secretary. I joined OUTriC last year as a complete novice in all three of the sports and have since had a lot of fun trying them out (particularly cycling!). I'm going to be in charge of much of the clubs admin and racing entries (hopefully!) for the next year so I'll be working behind the scenes with the rest of the committee to try and keep everything going. If you have any questions, big or small about anything swim bike run related feel free to come say hi and I will try my best to help!




Hey I’m Immy and I’m a 5th year medic at GTC. I made the switch from rowing to triathlon two years ago and have absolutely loved it (my friends have been especially grateful for the change from awful rowing chat to awful tri chat).


I’m a friendly person and love getting to know new people, so please introduce yourself if you see me at any sessions or have any questions about joining. See you at training for some swim bike FUN!!



Hello!! I’m Elena and I’m in my third year of Biomedical Sciences at John’s. I’m also this year’s social sec together with Immy! I’ve always been a keen athlete, with volleyball, basketball and athletics my main focus at school. Due to a back injury that ended my career in team sports two years ago, I decided to try out triathlon in Oxford, hoping that 3 sports rather than 1 would keep me busy. Honestly, it couldn’t have been a better decision! It’s been a blast to get to know everyone in the club, and have definitely enjoyed slowly working my way up to surviving a full session in the pool. Arguably a little too chatty, I’ll be a friendly face at sessions this year, who can hopefully help you with any questions you have! I’ll be organising some café-rides at the weekend (who doesn’t want to stop for cake in a bike ride?), and some club meals, COVID-permitting. It really is the friendliest club in Oxford, and we’re all looking forward to getting together again and welcoming our new members! :)

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Hi, I'm Orla and I'm a second year chemist at balliol. I joined triathlon last year after switching from rowing (absolutely the best decision I could have made). I quickly loved the sport and have made great friends at OuTriC. 

I'm in charge of the website and the social media so get in touch if you have any photos you want me to post on instagram. Remember to keep tagging @oxford.uni.triathlon in all you swim bike run related stories!



Hi! I'm Tom, a 3rd year Biochemist at Oriel. I never saw the fun in pursuing only one sport, trying out just about everything I could within college from day one. However, Triathlon offered a great way of competing against other unis at a high level, without having to dedicate yourself to purely one thing! In fact, I still row and play netball for college too, but I still haven't got the hang of swimming. I'm handling the Sponsor and Alumni communications this year so please get in touch if there is anything you'd like to discuss!



Hi! I'm Arundhati, a second year medic at Merton and this years' novice and welfare rep! I signed up to triathlon last year because I wanted to try out something new at uni and it was by far the best decision I've made - as a person who's never really done sport to a particularly high level I was quite nervous to sign up initially but it's such a friendly and supportive community, and I'm so glad I did!

I'll be around at as many sessions I can make, but also, feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions on trying tri !!




Hi, I’m Stuart and I’m a third year chemistry DPhil student. I joined OUTriC at the start of my DPhil as a novice having spent my undergrad playing college football. Whilst I can still occasionally be found messing around on a football pitch I’ve also come to really enjoy training and racing with OUTriC – everyone in the club has been super friendly and welcoming.


As General Officer I’ll be helping out with the general running of the club and (most importantly) in charge of ordering club kit so if you have any snazzy new stash ideas hit me up.



Hi I’m Jenny! I’m a second year Chemistry DPhil student and this years training camp officer. I’ll be planning an action packed week away for the club, which I guarantee you will be a trip to remember! Hold on to your handlebars, more details will follow...


I come from more of a swimming and running background and got into tri in my final year of undergrad. I’m now hooked into all three sports! I love training with OUTriC as they’re such a friendly bunch of people and I’m regularly at the club sessions. So come say hi and feel free to ask me any questions you might have!

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I’m Jonny, just going into my sixth year of medicine at Balliol. Like a few others I transitioned (ayyy) from rowing to triathlon. Recovering from injury in fourth year I found cycling a good way to keep fit while I couldn’t do much else and then gradually picked up the other two sports as I could do more. I’m a big fan of the very novice-friendly (I could barely swim a length when I started…) and flexible (train as much or as little as you like!) nature of OUTriC. I’ll be facilitating resumption of normal group training considering the ongoing pandemic and keeping track of changing guidelines from the University, Sports Fed, British Triathlon, and the government. If you have any ideas/concerns/hopes please don’t hesitate to give me an email!