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Hi, I'm Ellie, a DPhil student and this years OUTriC President. I joined OUTriC two years ago as a complete novice in all three of the sports and have since had a lot of fun trying them out (particularly cycling!). I'll be working with the rest of the committee to run the club and hopefully organise a fun year of training, socialising and racing. If you have any questions, big or small, about anything swim bike run related feel free to come say hi  or drop me a message and I will try my best to help!

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Heya, I’m Tina and have transitioned to triathlon after too many years of messing around in rowing boats. Needless to say I love water sports, be it open water swimming, surfing or wake-boarding. Another passion of mine is being on my bike(s) to explore places such as the Oxfordshire countryside, go on adventures across countries or mountain ranges, cook curries besides the cycle path or to compete in cycling time trials - so I’m more than happy to advise on local cycle routes, cycle touring and races. As women’s captain I’m here to build a strong team for next year and to make sure training is well organised and fun. If you’re keen to join our team or give tri a try (lol), no matter at what level, do give me a shout :-)

ID: Tina cooking a delicious curry during a touring cycle across the Alps

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Hi! I’m Tom, a 4th year medical student at Green Templeton College, and I will be your Men’s Captain for 2020/21. I joined OUTriC last year, coming from a background of competitive swimming and all-round sports. Immediately, I fell in love with triathlon and quickly became a bike nut - the club is so welcoming and supportive! 


I will attend as many training sessions as possible throughout the year - if you have any questions regarding joining, training and bikes please come and say hi. If you do one of the sports, or even none at all, triathlon is definitely a good shout!




Hi I’m Jenny! I’m a third year Chemistry DPhil student and this years treasurer. I come from more of a swimming and running background and got into tri in my final year of undergrad. I’m now hooked into all three sports! I love training with OUTriC as they’re such a friendly bunch of people and I’m regularly at the club sessions - so come say hi!

I manage the clubs finances, budgeting for new equipment and sorting club memberships. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help!

ID: Jenny happy to have completed BUCs triathlon



Hey, I’m a second year Chemistry Dphil and the OUTriC secretary for 2021/22. I’m here for much of the admin support in addition to race entries. I joined OUTriC last year after picking up cycling during the first lockdown and found the club to be really welcoming. I can’t say I was much of a swimmer before - so I was initially a little worried about getting back in the pool... 

However, the club has been a great place to learn and I’ve really loved being able to do open water swimming down at Queenford lake. I occasionally do a little climbing, so If you have any queries, or see me up at the brookes wall, give me a holla and I’ll be more than happy to have a chat/answer any questions.

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Hi! I’m Arundhati, a third year medic at Merton. I’m still fairly new to tri, having taken it up in my first year with some swimming background: my running was (and still is) very much limited to slow plods and my cycling experience is largely days out in Lancashire with lycra-clad middle aged men (don’t ask!!). Anyway, one of the major reasons triathlon is three times as much fun as other sports (certified fact) is not because you’re doing three sports, but actually because our socials are at least three times more fun than other clubs. The tri club is genuinely such a lovely group of people, please feel free to drop me a message anytime if you’re new and want to hang out or have any ideas for a banging social!

ID: Arundhati in sunny Cornwall ready for a sea swim !



Hi, I'm Orla and I'm a second year chemist at balliol. I joined triathlon last year after switching from rowing (absolutely the best decision I could have made). I quickly loved the sport and have made great friends at OUTriC.




Hi, I’m Carys, a third year Earth Scientist at St Anne’s! I spent most of my teens as a runner who swam and cycled as cross-training, before realising that 3 sports really are better than 1! Although you may still find me running around muddy fields in winter (I’m also the current treasurer at OUCCC) nothing beats summer rides and lake swims with the friendly faces of the tri clan! As web officer this year, I can’t wait to share my love of both the club and the sport across all of our social media channels, and if you ever want some coveted OUTriC insta fame or to ask me anything, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!!

ID: Carys after finishing a bike ride in the rain



Hey, I'm Jonny, a 4th year (gulp) Chemistry DPhil student. I joined the club when I arrived in Oxford, after mostly cycling my way through my undergraduate, and loved the club so much that I eventually found myself as president last year! This year I'll be the sponsorship and alumni officer, and I'll be making sure there are lots of alumni events so I can keep coming back once I eventually finish my DPhil, and will also be working on getting us some sponsors too (let me know if you have any good ideas!).

ID: Jonny enjoying a well-earned break from running uphill



Hi all! I’m Chloe, a second year undergraduate chemist (we know we have a stem issue…) at Keble College. I’m this years novice and welfare rep so if you’re new to the sport then you might be seeing me around a lot! Hopefully, I’ll be organising some recovery sessions and mindfulness sessions as well.


I started all three sports at the same time after being a couch potato for many years - trying out couch to 5k and picking out my first bike are all experiences that are still fresh to me so I’d be happy to answer any questions you have!

ID: Chloe sitting on some steps during a hike



Hey, I’m Matthew and I’m a second-year chemistry DPhil student. I joined OUTriC as an injured runner - looking for friends to cross-train with. I found a friendly, welcoming club, having a good time despite the lockdown. Now, I’m looking forward to another year with the club. In my role as General Officer, I’ll be lending a hand where required around the club and responsible for the club kit order. If you’ve any kit ideas let me know, the fancier the better.

ID: Matthew river swimming

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Hello! We are Iain and Tom, OUTri's resident power couple. We are both recovering ex-rowers having joined OUTriC in 2020 trying to learn some new sports. We are organising this year's training camp aiming to provide good weather, food and training for a week in March and potentially some shorter trips for those particularly keen. Do get in touch with us with any questions and suggestions about training camp(s)!

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Hey I’m Immy and I’m a 6th year medic at GTC. I made the switch from rowing to triathlon two years ago and have absolutely loved it (my friends have been especially grateful for the change from awful rowing chat to awful tri chat).


I’m a friendly person and love getting to know new people, so please introduce yourself if you see me at any sessions or have any questions about joining. See you at training for some swim bike FUN!!