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In this guide,you can find information about how to prevent injury, as well as the physiotherapy and massage options in Oxford.


This is by no means an exhaustive list but we have included the services most commonly used by the triathletes in the club. If you have a personal favourite physio/massage service that you would like to recommend to the club, just let us know and we’ll add them!




  • Always warm-up before hard training sessions and cool down/stretch after.​

  • Foam rollers and other self-massage aids are particularly useful for helping reduce tightness (but NEVER foam roll directly on an injured area - you'll only increase inflammation).​

  • Professional sports massages are useful too, especially if you are experiencing extreme tightness that you've been unable to get rid of yourself.​

  • Train sensibly and recover properly - see our training guides for more info.​

  • Injuries may be caused by incorrect technique or poor fit (e.g. poor bike fit, caused by things such as having seat too high or too far forward). This is likely to be the case if you have a niggle or injury keeps reoccurring. To see if this is the problem, it may be worthwhile (although it can be expensive!) to get a professional assessment. See Technique Analysis and Fitting below.

Local recommended masseurs:

Lesley Bryant

Location: Oxford University Sports Centre, Iffley

Sign-up via doodle polls emailed out through our Member’s List or through the Member's List of OUCCC (cross-country) or OUAC (athletics)


Kyle Bennett

Location: Oxford University Sports Centre, Iffley

Contact Kyle directly or through OUCCC


TOPS (The Oxford Physiotherapy Service)

Location: 29 Grove Street, Summertown / The Oxford University Club, Mansfield Road

Visit their website for more info


​If you're unlucky enough to get injured (and unfortunately, it happens to many of us), there are measures you can take to recover faster and prevent it from worsening or reoccurring.

  • STOP OR REDUCE YOUR TRAINING unless you have been told by a coach, physio or doctor that you are ok to carry on. Training on a niggle or injury will likely just make it worsen over time and lengthen your recovery time. Avoid any activity that causes pain and/or inflammation. Ensure to ice your injured area several times a day to reduce inflammation. 

  • Secondly, if possible, book an appointment to see a physiotherapist (or a doctor if the injury is really serious).

Local recommended physios:

TOPS (The Oxford Physiotherapy Service)

Location: 29 Grove Street, Summertown / The Oxford University Club, Mansfield Road

See website for more details.


Bodymaster Clinic

Location: Oxford University Sports Centre, Iffley Road(the Grandstand at the Sir Roger Bannister athletics track)

Reduced physiotherapy fees for Blues Support Scheme members.

See website for more details.


Getting your technique analysed for any of the three sports is a good idea if you are having problems with reoccurring injuries, niggles or if you simply want to take your swimming/running/cycling to the next level. In addition, having a great bike fit is crucial to injury prevention and performance. It is possibly to get a relatively good bike fit yourself by watching YouTube tutorials but sometimes (particularly in the case of knee, back or neck pain), it’s better and easier to see a professional. The list below is far from comprehensive but all these places come highly recommended from other OUTriC members.

Running gait analysis: Run 3D

Location:Oxford University Sports Centre, Iffley Road (Grandstand by the Sir Roger Bannister athletics Track)

Website: http://www.run3d.co.uk/index

Run gait analysis and shoe fit: UP & Running

Location:106 London Rd, Oxford OX3 9AJ

Website: https://upandrunning.co.uk/oxford


Run/swim/cycle technique analysis and bike fit: Take3tri

Location:The Studio, Clifton Hampden, Oxfordshire, OX14 3EG

Website: http://www.take3tri.co.uk/

Bike fit: Sports Tech Lab

Location:Unit 28 Wheatley Business Centre, Old London Road, Oxfordshire, OX33 1XW

Website: https://www.sportstechlab.com/

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