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Brick Session 

Interval training for running and cycling combined using turbos and the track. For brick sessions, you MUST SIGN UP in advance on the Members' page of the website. You will need to log in to do this.

Club Rides 

Group bike rides organised most weekends by club members. Keep an eye on the Facebook group for information as times may vary each week. Weekday rides may also be advertised on the Facebook group.

Hill/Interval Session 

Intervals based around a hill reps session, or other intervals away from the track.

Novice Ride 

Group bike ride for novice road cyclists. This will be no more than an hour at the start of the year, and will develop in speed and distance throughout the year. Experienced road cyclists will be present to lead the ride and take separate groups of varying speeds distances if necessary.

Social Run 

Easy paced run in groups for between 30 minutes and one hour. No one will be left behind! 


Technique work and interval training in the pool. We have 4 lanes at each session to cater for all abilities. You will need a pool membership to swim after 2nd week Michaelmas.

Track Session

Drills and interval running training on the track.


Spin-style class where your road bike is clipped into a turbo machine to convert it into a stationary bike. We have 12 turbos available at each session for some great interval training.  For turbo sessions, you MUST SIGN UP in advance on the Members' page of the website. You will need to log in to do this.

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