2010-2011 Race Results and Reports

2011 Men's Triathlon Varsity

Cambridge Blues Team (WIN)   3:26:53

Oxford Blues Team   +0:22

* Oxford's 3rd man was disqualified for being ineligible to represent Oxford - The 4th placed Oxford finisher counted and this gave the win to Cambridge

2011 Women's Triathlon Varsity

Oxford Blues Team (WIN)   3:39:36

Cambridge Blues Team   +14:02

2011 Men's Duathlon Varsity

Cambridge Blues Team (WIN)   3:28:21

Oxford Blues Team    +0:42

2011 Women's Duathlon Varsity

Oxford Blues Team (WIN)   3:59:52

Cambridge Blues Team   +26:05

2010-2011 Report

The 2010/11 season got off to a fantastic start with a great recruitment drive at Fresher’s Fair and a successful beginners’ aquathlon hosted at Iffley gym at the end of Fresher’s week. Despite the majority of our advanced triathletes leaving Oxford last year we had a number of highly talented newcomers – whether converts from similar sports or experienced triathletes starting Oxford degrees. The bulk of the club was still made up of relatively inexperienced athletes, who eagerly received coaching and training advice which developed many into solid performers at races, and many will be looking at 1st team places and Blues over the next 2-3 years.

We’re grateful to British Triathlon who helped out with some swim coaching and for getting us more involved with local races such as Radley College’s own triathlon.


Our first big event of the year was the BUCS Duathlon in November – some great performances and for many their first attempt at multisport racing. Next was Varsity Duathlon held in the 1st week of Hillary where we won both the 2nd team matches, but drew 1-1 in the main competition – the men losing by less than a minute and the ladies boosted by South Africa’s Olympian Mari Rabie winning with a margin of 26 minutes. In Hillary the season really got going with attendance steadily rising, a host of successful social events, as well as confirmation that we were going to be sponsored by TriTrainingHarder for the 2010/11 season. The international triathletes at TTH were an enormous help to the club and provided huge kit subsidies, and we were able to use their money to buy wetsuits, turbo trainers, clip-on aerobars, race belts, and most of all cover the costs of transport to all our races, which were much higher this year with the increase in numbers. Plans are in place for a training camp with them in Portugal to further improve the club in September.

Training continued over the Easter break before we had our BUCS Triathlon race on the first day of Trinity term, which was a huge success on all accounts. A record turnout of 22 took part of whom 7 achieved half blue eligibility, but with 4 of our top athletes away the stage was set for a dramatic fight at Varsity to secure the sought after Blues. This year held in Grendon near Nottingham, Varsity Triathlon was only 7 days after BUCS, although for this race we had almost our entire lineup of top triathletes, and the majority of the regulars in the club were able to race. The race was enjoyed by all and a great lunch was held with Cambridge in a nearby pub where the results were announced – after our third athlete was found to be ineligible as an exchange student the men lost by a mere 22 seconds while the women landed a solid 14 minute victory. In the mob matches Oxford again excelled with comfortable victories in both.

With some surprising performances in the Varsity match we had to wait until late July for the BUCS Olympic distance race to find out who had achieved blues, but the rest of Trinity term was a joyful time for all with no more races on the horizon, only the dreaded exams – cuppers aquathlon, weekend rides, and socials helped to finish the season well.


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