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Juggling training for three sports is hard, and takes time and experience to get the balance right. But here is some advice to follow, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete.


A lot of people worry about not doing enough training –e.g. If you come from a running background, you may be used to training 3x a week and this is sufficient to make big improvements in your running times. However, as a triathlete, if you train 3x a week, that means you’ll only be training for each individual sport once a week, which is not that much!


It is also important to get enough recovery! A balance between training and recovery is essential to performing well and staying healthy. 

How much training and recovery you need is very individual and depends strongly on how experienced you are as an athlete:

  • Experienced athletes have a solid training base already so are able to have a higher training volume with less recovery time

  • Experienced athletes are more likely to be able to judge when to increase the volume/intensity of training and when to scale back

For someone who is relatively new to triathlon or someone who is doing up to 10 hours training/week, we recommend reading our Training and Recovery guide.


For an athlete with more experience, who has consistently been training more than 10 hours/week and wishes to maximise their performance and race more competitively, we recommend reading our Training and Recovery for Advanced Athletes guide. This guide includes info on how to avoid overtraining.

Plan your training right and you'll enjoy it as much as these guys!

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